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December 14, 2012
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A/N Woo~! Another chap already! I'm on a roll~! XD But I don't have much to say about this but the fact that so many people have liked this! YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME~! I felt bad that me leaving you on that cliff made you guys think that I wasn't continuing this X3 I didn't think that people would think I'd be that evil~! So here you are, another chap of 'Entertaining Interest'~!

If you didn't already know, THIS IS A YAOI! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE BEFORE! Please and thank you :3 But if you DO like yaoi, please read on my lovely Fujoshi's~!

Warning: ( if you didn't see from the first chap of this) Swearing will be thrown in at places it is needed! If you have a problem with that, I don't recommend you go any further than :3


When I finished my stumbling down the stairway, I was met with the task of pushing through the crowd. When your head is as fogged up as mine, it's a task within itself~!

After being pushed around like a rag doll, I wound up smack dab in front of the bathroom door. I think I should splash my face with water a little. Maybe that will help me brush off that strange feeling of emotions earlier? Entering the bathroom, I stood at the sinks, staring in awe at my half-dead appearance. God, I look terrible~! What's up with me...?

Shizuo's tear stained face popped into my head once again, causing my heart to lurch and my stomach to drop. It's eating me alive not knowing what had made Shizuo so upset. I've just got this weird sense of possessiveness over the blond brute. This being paired with the strong urge to hurt whoever had drove the blond to the point of tears. Ah~ what's happening to me~?

" annoying~." I just don't have these types of feelings. I never have kept someone close enough to even begin to have those feelings. I don't keep people that close. I must have finally cracked~! Yes, of course that's the answer! Hanging my head, I turned on the water, clutching my forehead in frustration. Obsessions sure are dangerous~!

Splashing my face with water did nothing to rid myself of the memory of Shizuo's pleading face, which pulled at my heart. My body craves to hold him tight till he stops making that expression! Gah! What am I even thinking?!

A small noise caught my attention. The water drowned out the clarity of it, but I think it may have been a curse. Looking over my shoulder with extreme cautiousness, I slowly turned off the water, listening intently. Rustling made my eyes snap over to the last stall. So that's where the sound came from~! Quietly, I made my way over to the stall, surprised to find it unlocked. They should know better than to leave things open like that~! With a rush of air, I slammed open the door, catching it before I smacked into the wall.

For the second time today, my eyes widened at the sight of the strongest guy in school. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot, clearly from the falling of tears. His face was drawn into one of slight disappointment, but not shock like my own. Then he must have known it was me the whole time, and prayed that I didn't come in here~. Sorry to disappoint. Shizuo had a leg pulled close to himself, while the other was nonchalantly outstretched in front of him. One arm was resting on his knee and his blond hair was sprawled out in short wisps after being pushed against the wall. In short, he looked defenseless~!

" Sh...Shizu-chan..?" He shifted his eyes away from my form in the door way, looking elsewhere. This is where you ran off to when you got upset~? How girly Shizu-chan~!

"..Didn't I tell you to leave me the fuck alone, damn flea? Or did you not listen?" The blond's once demanding and raspy voice, was again soft and helpless. It's cute and so sad at the same time~!

" But I wanted to make sure my Shizu-chan was okay! I can't have you going all mopey on me. Other wise I'd have nothing better to do~!" Despite the state my mind was in, I at least sounded like I was still myself. In response to my teasing, Shizuo let out a menacing growl at me, a warning not to prod any further. As always, I took it as an invitation to push even more~!

" Don't call me that! Stupid louse! Or I'll beat your annoying face in." He put his hand to his head like he was fighting a headache while he smiled angrily. Ah~! Now he reacts to the name~! I was wondering why he didn't say anything before hand. Then again, he was pretty out of character on the roof to notice. Letting my smirk slip onto my face, I ran with it.

" But it sounds so cute Shizu-chan~! It's perfect for a monster like you~!" Finally getting into the mood, Shizuo stood, turning his head to give me a glare paired with a wicked smile. The same smile that would cause a human's blood to run cold by just looking at it.

" You must want to die really badly! Cause you're really pissing me off!" Throwing up my hands, I called surrender, wanting to know who to 'say hi' to for making my monster cry.

" Now now Shizuo~! I'm not here to fight, ..yet. I'm curious just who was it that made you low enough to cry? I figured that monsters have no tears to cry with." His violent aura fell away replaced by his guarded, sorrow filled appearance. Glaring at me like I had just slapped him, he gritted out,

" Like I said, it's none of your business Izaya. So keep your ass outta other people's lives!" Hanging my head again, I let my bangs cover my expression, which read as frustrated and heavily disappointed. In an angry huff, Shizuo tried pushing past me. Only to get stopped by my arm blocking the way out of the stall. Sure, if he really wanted to, he could simply break it and get out, but he halted like I thought he would. Laughing I tried pushing down my bubbling rage enough as to not anger the brute.

" But it is my business. ...I..I..just want to know. If you want some honesty, I felt pissed that someone, besides myself, made you cry. I was so confused and I wanted to know who did it. So please...I just want to know." Even with me not looking at Shizuo's face, I heard a small noise of surprise come from him. His face is probably showing a million different emotions, and I ache to see it, but I'm trying to make a point here. Darn~!

" I..why on Earth would I trust someone who has been giving me hell for this past week, with something like this?! You're just a no good lousy flea! Now leave me alone before I start getting mad!" My head remained down faced as I let my arm fall, feeling the brute brush past me. Why do I feel so unhappy? He's right, it really isn't any of my business who made him cry. I just...can't be happy with that answer.

My body spun around, catching a hold of Shizuo's sleeve, surprising us both. What the heck is going on with me?! This...hasn't happened before~. Ahaha~, I think this monster is getting to my head or something! Who knew that it'd be this dangerous wanting to play with a monster~? We stared at each other for a good minute before I snapped out of it. Releasing his arm, I wryly laughed, upset that I acted so strangely.

" S-sorry, I was going to say something, but forget it~! See you around, Shizu-chan~." This time it was me who walked out first. Ah what a messed up day~! Hopefully we'll go back to normal and start fighting again! I miss that right now. It helps me clear my mind, and have some fun with Shizuo while I'm at it~.

Class had already started, so I made up one excuse or another, taking a seat in the very back of the class room. The teacher started class up again, irritated that he had to stop just because I walked in. Pulling out my notebook, I started writing, not with any intention of note taking. I simply needed something to occupy my mind. Something besides the blond personification of violence, who was in class a few rooms down.

At first I was just doodling and scribbling the names of people I knew. Then, without even thinking, I started making a chart. It was like my pencil was operating of it's own accord, drawing fluid lines and words. Soon enough, I had made a complicated chart that only I'd ever get. Much to my chagrin, said chart was all about Shizuo. About the increase in strength I've noticed, and how often I have fights with him. Mostly about very random things, all having to do with the blond~.

Growling, I harshly ripped out the page, viciously crumpling it in distaste. Can't I go one minute without thinking of him~?! It makes me so mad that I can't focus on anything! Looking up, people were staring at me, bewildered at my sudden burst of violence. Forcing a smile, I made another excuse.

" Sorry, I don't have an eraser." After they slowly turned away, half-satisfied with my answer, I let my head hit the table. This will be a long day for me~!


When I went into my next class, I was met with the flea's shocked and slightly embarrassed face. Why would he be so surprised with me being in class? Doesn't he remember that I have classes here too?! Stupid brainless flea. Once I took a few steps into the class, it dawned on me that the only available seat was next to Izaya. Great...

Throwing my stuff down, I tried putting all my attention on the teacher. Only for my train of thought to drift back to the black haired male next to me. He had his usual mask on, but I couldn't help but notice how fidgety he was being. It was as if he had somewhere else to be or something.

The teacher handed out the pop quizzes that she didn't let any of us prepare for. Which I guess is the point of a pop quiz, but it still pisses me off! Glancing around, I found everybody had their head down, even the flea looked like he was concentrating on it. I tapped my pencil on my paper, my thoughts preoccupied with earliers events. In all, utter embarrassing, honesty here, when Izaya stopped me for the second time, my heart fluttered. I figured he might have heard it that it was so loud! What was he going to say? I know it was cold of me to just push him away like that, but come on! He's been nothing but a pain in my ass for a while here! What else was I supposed to say to the little flea?!

A growl slipped out in my frustration, gaining attention. Great, now look what you did Shizuo!

" stuck on a question. Sorry." Putting my head down, I mentally cursed myself a million times over. I need to learn to keep things in my head!

The teacher told everyone that the time was up, and I looked down at my, blank, quiz. CRAP! Quickly, I scribbled down a few answers before she reached my desk. That was too close. Letting my head thump to the desk, I stared at Izaya. Watching as he intently scrawled something down, putting all his energy into what ever it was that he was writing. From what I saw, it kinda looked like a chart of some sort. The raven haired male glared at the paper like it had just slapped him across the face. Before he grabbed it and ripped it to shreds, creating a mess at his desk. Has he finally cracked?

" Um...flea? Do I even want to know what's wrong with you?" He tensed like I had just jumped out from behind him. Nervously he laughed, going back to writing, this time putting a lot of pressure on his pencil. It looked like he was about to put a hole through the page! Is he okay?

" Ahaha~! I don't know what you're talking about Shizu-chan. I'm perfectly fine~!" I made an indignant sound in my throat at this. On what planet is the flea 'perfectly fine'?!

" Pft! Yeah right. You'll never be 'perfectly fine'! You little messed up louse." I grumbled, surprised that he didn't have something to throw back at me right away. He just shrugged it off and continued to abuse his note book. Damn, I wanted to start a fight with him! So I can shake off this weird aura that we have going now. " You actually don't have anything to retort? No, 'look who's talking brainless monster~!' just nothing?" He ignored me, continuing his scrawls. I felt my rage rise at the fact he was ignoring me. All I want is a good fight, and you don't even try to start it?!

Jumping up, I went over to the flea's desk, ripping his note book from him, looking at the strange markings on the page. What the hell is this? Holding it high above my head, I watched him stand, about to start jumping for it. He put his head in his hand, laughing at himself.

" I can't believe I was actually going to play your game Shizu-chan~! Aren't you a little old for playing keep away~?" My familiar feeling of anger started boiling like I wanted it to.

" Well maybe next time pay attention to me when I'm clearly trying to fight! Fucking flea!" Izaya's annoying smirk was again back on his face as he looked at me in a demeaning way. Don't look down on me!

" Aw~ Shizuo's mad that I didn't give him attention~? How cute!" Lowering my hand back down, I ignored the note book, focusing on Izaya now. Cute?! I'm not cute in anyway!

" Watch it flea! Don't call me 'cute'." He laughed at me, leaning on his desk, his head tilted to the side.

" But you are cute Shizu-chan~! An adorable little monster!" Having enough of his teasing, I threw the note book to the side, turning around and picking up my desk. Izaya had already started out the door, just barely missing getting struck by the desk. Dammit! I was so close! The class gasped as we ran out, me yelling curses at his back. " This is so much fun Shizu-chan~!" The raven haired male said as he dodged the door I had thrown at him. Will he stop moving for one second?!

After a week of attempting to keep up with the fast moving flea, I've become better at running after him. Now the gap between us is shorter than it was the first time I chased him.

" Stupid flea! Stop moving for a second! I just wanna throw something at you!" Izaya turned, now running backwards, a smirk on his face. God, when I get my hands on you...!

" Ahaha~! Silly Shizu-chan, why would I stop so you can hurt me~?"

We continued like this for a while, soon leaving the school and beginning to rampage through the streets of Ikebukuro. I lost sight of the sly blackette and gave up on killing him for today. Damn flea needs to stop being so fast! People gave me wry glares as I trudged down the side walk, they were more then likely witness to Izaya and I's 'playing'. They all can go screw themselves! It's not easy having an annoying flea pestering you day in and day out!

While keeping up my slow pace, I glanced down at my uniform, shocked at its state. When did it get all in tatters like this?! GAH! FUCKING FLEA! He must have been cutting me while we fought. I wasn't surprised to find some of the tears colored slight crimson. What ever. I'll bandage it up when I get home. I would go to school, but as I pull out my phone, it was already too late to go back. Fuck. Now I'm gonna be behind again!

Angrily shoving my hands in my pockets, I opened the front door of my house. If mom's here, she's gonna have another fit about me coming home in ripped clothing again.

" I'm home!" Testing, I yelled out, getting nothing at first in response. After a few more seconds of silence, Kasuka poked his head out, giving me a half-hearted wave.

" Welcome home Shizuo. Mom and dad are going to be gone for a couple of days. They said it was a big project for work and that I was in charge." Great, more business meetings with some over seas dick head? It didn't shock me that they left Kasuka in charge, since I can't control my anger let alone be held responsible for watching over my younger brother. With a grumble, I brushed past Kasuka and grabbed a milk out of the fridge.

"Stupid douche bag foreigner business hacks..." I mumbled, feeling pissed off again. I don't like when our family is all separated like this. It can be very lonely sometimes. " I'll be in my room if you need me." Going upstairs, I stumbled over to my room, plopping on my bed with a groan. This has been a very long day.

My chest screamed in agony at being ground on the fabric of my bed. Crap! I forgot to put something on this. My arms went to push my weight off the bed before giving up on the task. I don't care enough to be bothered to put something on it. It'll stop bleeding eventually. So what if I get a little blood on my bed. That's what washing machines are for.

I stared blankly at my ceiling, lost in thought. My eyes traced patterns in the bumpy texture. Old glow in the dark stars dotted the space above my bed, forgotten and neglected. I had almost totally forgot I didn't take those down. Heaving a sigh, I ran my finger along my healing wound, getting some left over blood on my finger.

Izaya's smirk flashed across my mind, irking me to no end. Why does he always have to make my life living hell?! Can't he pick on someone else for a change? I mean, wouldn't I get boring after a while? The muffled noise of cars and the flashes of birds went past my window. Turning on my side, the defeated face of the flea now occupied my thoughts. The way his bangs obscured his expression. How he looked so troubled and upset that I didn't tell him who made me sad. ' I just want to know...' his voice was soft and desperate. It all was an extreme contrast to his normal upbeat and mysterious attitude. Did he really mean it..? I mean he's just some jerk who repeatedly insults me. It's not like he'd suddenly care about what I'm feeling! He didn't care that he cut me with a knife the very first time we met. Why would me crying change anything?!

I pulled on my hair, letting my frustration take on a strangled sound. I'm over thinking this too much! Just go to sleep and forget about the little fucker! Pushing my face deep into the pillow, I forced myself to start drifting off. Finding that my mind was still filled with the flea, even as I fell into slumber. Dammit. I just can't get away from him, can I? Maybe this obsession is mutual...?


A/N Sorry for taking so long! I got lazy and didn't want to work on it for a while. But I don't think this chap is as good as the last. But it'll get better I promise! I just can't be bothered to try much more than this for today. But I hope you guys like this anyways~! Please review and let me know if it's good or not~! :3
Yay another chap~! I found it amusing how most of you guys thought that I was evil enough to leave you with that cliffy for the end of this story! XD I may be cruel, but I'm not evil~!

This isn't very exciting, sorry! :iconfacewallplz: But please stick with me! I promise it gets better!! :meow:


Slight Language~!

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