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A/N Well, since FP is being an ass, you guys who are reading this story, get to have it first~! Yay!I wanted to get something out on my Birthday because I feel like I should. I hope it's okay! Slight 'things' happen in this chap, but nothing too physical. Please enjoy and comment~!

We both got home in one piece and I let out a breath I've been holding in. Keegan went to his room and felt me to stand there. I got to tell someone about this, I can't keep this in or I'll explode!

" Hey, you guys are back? That's good. I'll be back around eight tonight." The unexpected voice made me jump out of my skin. Emily stared at me in shock. " A little jump today aren't you? Someone after you?" She joked and I gave a head nod that broke her smirk off her face.

" Can I talk to you? It's important." She cautiously walked over to the couch and sat down with me. It was silent as she waited to hear what I was going to say and me thinking what I should say. Should I tell her about it all? Maybe not...but it would be nice. " There is someone at school that is trying to flirt with me and it makes me so mad, but I'm finding myself craving it and thinking about it all the time. And I just met this person! I don't know what's going on! They keep telling me dirty things that make me feel good and....I don't know what to do! They make me so pissed that I can't take it!"

" It sounds like you like this person."

" But I don't! I hate them! He's annoying and....and I want to hurt him!"

" He?" Shit....shit shit! Nice going you big idiot! Now our own sister is going to think your going gay for the man-whore!

" T-t-they. I meant they...I- okay! Fine! YES HE! IT'S A HE OKAY! A stupid man-whore that is throwing himself all over me and trying to kiss me and actually did kiss me at one point. And when he kissed me, I liked it. A lot. I know that I'm not gay but something about him drives me crazy! In every sense of the word! My head feels like it's going to explode!" Emily was smiling at me the whole time. I don't like that! I hate when people sit there and stare at me, smirking or no smirking.

" Do you think about him all the time?"

" ....Kinda...a lot."

" You got it bad little brother. I have to go, try to calm down." I grabbed her arm, barely stopping her before she left.

" Don't tell Keegan. I don't need him to think his older brother is gay. Got it?" Shrugging me off, she gave me a wave and left for her job that doesn't pay nearly enough. I'm guessing you want a little more info on us and how where here. Fine.

We all are siblings, Emily, me, and Keegan. When we were real little, our parents had a horrible accident. They were T-boned by some jerk and died at the scene while we were all at home where Emily was watching us. Emily, being the oldest of us three at age nine, answered the door and two men walked in and told us our parents died. I was only four, so I had no idea what was going on and Keegan was two so he understood absolutely nothing. I at least knew that mom and dad weren't ever coming back.They made us pack up our things, grab our cat Aidan and leave.

Emily was the one who always took care of use and helped us. She was basically our mom. I went to her for help, and still do. I didn't even cry at our parent's funeral, I didn't know what was happening. But I spent the whole night comforting Emily after.

Once Emily finished school, she got two jobs so she could support us and moved us into our own home. We got money from the Government, but not enough to support us on a weekly basis. Emily's jobs don't pay very well, but keep us going none the less. I had tried to get a job, but she said that she could do it on her own.

So there you have it. Our sad little story. And I don't want your pity so keep your ' Oh that's so sad!' 's to yourself and your ' I feel so bad for you.'. I don't need it. We're alive and well, that's all that matters.

I was sitting on the floor of our kitchen, cabinet doors open, as I searched for something to make for dinner. Aidan, our big black cat that likes to fight with me, headbutted my leg, rubbing his whole body against me, trying to get my attention. He's my buddy, what can I say. Holding my hand out, he pushed his head into my palm, purring loudly, reminding me of a motor boat.

" You don't think I'm crazy, right Ai-kun?" The cat ignored me, attempting to sneak his way into the open cabinet. But I pulled him out and he sat there. " Are you not talking to me Ai-kun?" Using two of my fingers, scratching under his chin, watching as he purred and closed his eyes. " Stupid cat... all you want is food and my attention, you little manipulative jerk. I'm not your tool." Leaning down, I wrapped my arms around Aidan and he laid down and purred. Opening one of my eyes I spotted some Ramen noodles. " Does Ramen noodles sound good for dinner Ai?" A low meow was my answer.

After popping the uncooked noodles in the microwave, I strolled back into the living room where Aidan laid on the back of the couch. He licked my hand before he tried biting me. That's what he does. He'll put you at ease by licking your hand then he'll bite you. Damn ungrateful cat! I feed you so show respect!

The microwave let out a impatient ding and I pulled out two bowls for Keegan and I. After fixing it all up, I made my way up the stairs, both bowls in hand. Using my awesome powers of balancing, I opened the door and gave him his Ramen. Aidan was weaving between my feet, hoping I would fall down the stairs and break my neck so he can claim my food. But I made it down the stairs and used my foot to lift him up and throw him behind me. Pudding behind me, he continuously meowed at me, more than likely cussing me out.

My phone buzzed wildly, urging me to pick it up. Still chewing a mouth full of Ramen, I open my phone, a number I didn't know was the sender and the text left my stomach to churn.
?: Hiya Hotty~!  ;3

There is only one person I can think of who would dare call me that.

Tony: How the hell do you have my number you creepy fucking stalker!

?: Now, now~ no need to get upset hotty~! And I have my reliable sources. :)

Tony: It was James....wasn't it.

?: Its a secret~ ;3

Tony: I hate you, creep.

Someone chose to knock on my door, getting up, I opened the door without looking to see who it was. Red hair greeted me. No...
" Hey, sexy neighbor~!"

" N-NEIGHBOR?!" Living next to the man-whore?! I think I would kill myself!

" Yeah, we moved in next door and I thought I'd swing by to say hi!" Josh leaned in, catching my lips for a second. I didn't move or anything. I blame the shock that I have to be neighbors with the man-whore prevented me from thinking clear. I would have let him kiss me again if I hadn't herd my brother's voice come from the stairs.

" Tony, who's at the door?" I started panicking.

" Nobody! Just go to your room!" He didn't ask why like the good little boy I taught him to be.

" Aw~! Was that your little brother? He's so cute~! Looks kinda like you. Same eyes. And I love the red streak in his hair!"Aidan decided that he's come and check things out and popped his head between my feet and started weaving. " You have a cat! So cute!"

" Aidan! Get in the house before I throw you out on the streets! You good for nothing feline!" Aidan pawed at my leg before strutting back inside.

" You're so mean to the poor kitty~! Can I go pet her?"

" Him." I, against my better judgement, stepped to the side, letting man-whore into my home.

" Oh? But Aidan is a girl name." He rubbed behind Aidan's ears, with him purring loudly.

" Yeah but it means 'feisty one' and fit him well. Besides, I liked the name." I stood by the side of the couch where my Ai-kun was being assaulted by a man-whore.

" He's adorable! Look he's licking my hand!" On the inside, I was smirking evilly. Got for it Ai! With one more pet, he pounced, almost biting Josh on the hand. Said man-whore whined, throwing himself in my arms. " Help me hotty! He's trying to hurt me~!"

" That's what you get." He pouted and stared up at me. Before I knew it he gently pressed his lips on mine. My mind whirled and I heard Aidan meow, running from the couch. My eyes screwed shut and I allowed myself to be pushed to the couch with the man-whore on top of me. His tongue met mine and something snapped in me and I sat up, pushing Josh into the arm of the couch, heating up our make-out session. My knee ground on his crotch and my hand traveled up his shirt to tease his nipples. Why does my body go into auto-pilot when I don't want it to?! The man-whore was mewling underneath me, and, for what ever reason, I found myself enjoying it.
My hand pushed up his shirt, revealing his smooth skin as my mouth began assaulting it, nipping here, sucking there. My teasing resulted in a few hickeys. Josh was moaning and begging for more, egging me on.

" Say my name." Josh was taken aback, but was shocked out of it by my hand moving to rub on a certain part of Josh's male anatomy.

" T-Tony! More, please!" He gasped, bucking his hips. Satisfied, I slipped my hand in, running my fingers all around. We met for another heated kiss, and I felt myself crumbling away. Why is my life so dysfunctional?

" Tony?" I turned to ice. My sister. My sister is home. She's home and sees me with my hand down Josh's pants and my tongue down his throat. I can't just tell her I wasn't, since she caught me red handed...more like white handed...Flying off of Josh like he caught on fire, I stood looking at my feet.

" I...I can explain...I...can't explain. Um. Met our new neighbor." Josh smiled and waved like he wasn't just being touched inappropriately by me. Not thinking clearly, I grabbed Josh's hand and  rushed to the door, pushing him out of it and slamming the door shut behind him.
                                                                       ( Change in P.O. V)
My hand was tingling as I stood outside of the door, a smile on my face. He held my hand!! It was so soft! And man is he a tease! I didn't know he would know what to do like that. And his cat was so cute! I squealed as I skipped off the porch to head back to my house next door. I feel so high!

" You look happy." My mother greeted me, an eyebrow raised. I couldn't help but giggle again.

" I am." I danced around her and fell to the couch.

" Did you go over to the neighbor's?"

" Yup~! And they were very welcoming." I was laughing at my inside joke. I've got to tell one of my friends about this! They'll be so jealous! I sprinted up to my room, pulling out my phone and speed dialing my friend Jess.


" Hey! You'll never guess who I was just having the time of my life with~!" I cooed into the phone, choking my pillow to death.

" No way! It wasn't Tony was it?!" She gasped, guessing him right off the bat. Maybe it was my gushing that he was the hottest thing I've seen during lunch?

" Oh yeah. And he was all over me too! Tongue action, dirty talk, teasing, down the pants, it was Heaven!"

"You lucky duck!"

"Oh! I almost forgot! I took a picture of him sleeping earlier today! I'll send it to you!" I hung up the phone and found the picture of my man sleeping soundly and sent it. " Hot, right~! He looks so yummy when he sleeps!"

" Yeah! I'm sure you guys will be going out soon."

" If I can get him to start liking me. He's dead set on claiming his straightness. But you can't really call yourself straight when you have your tongue in my mouth and your hand down my pants." She laughed while saying that she had to go. After saying good-bye, I closed my phone and stared at my ceiling. I really need to get more things on Tony from his little friend, James was it? I can't wait~! I wanna know what goes through that wonderful mind...
                                                                         (Change in P.O.V)
" I c-can't explain....!" Emily stood there in an amused shock. I don't like her looking at me like that! I want it to stop! I want my life to be normal for once! For ONCE IN MY LIFE!!! " I'm not gay." I gritted out, looking at the floor.
" Hahaha!! That's a good one little brother! Not gay! Yeah and I'm sure your 'friend' there agrees that you're 'not gay'? " Giving my older sister a death glare, I growled, rubbing my face.

" Who was at the door Tony?" My younger brother called, my body jumping. My heart thumped, I can't let him know! Imagine how much respect I would lose from him! I could kiss my reputation as his trustworthy secret-keeper good-bye.

" It was no one. Just some weirdo." I dodged, turning around, hiding my shame that was on my face. God, I'm a terrible role model!

A/N Was it okay? I try not to be to terribly sucky. Please comment!
Here's another chap! Up on my Birthday none the less! Enjoy~! There's some yummy yaoi in here, so please get off my story if you don't like it. Poor Tony doesn't know what to do! XD
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