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A/N Another chap~!! Wheee~! :3 I'm enjoying this a lot and I hope you guys continue to as well! And that all you lovely people also continue to show this awesome support for me as well~! :'3 It means a lot to me. ( And I'm not feeling really well at the moment, so I'll enjoy to hear your lovely reviews~! I have some sort of virus in my throat that may be strep, but it's probably not. And my stomach hurts a lot.)

Enough of my blabbering, on to the story! In case you didn't see in the previous chap,


Once again I woke up, this time it was to a door opening. As I strained to turn my head, I caught the nurses eye and knew that I had to get up. But Sebastian's arm was still almost covering my face. And he was still sleeping like a log, as he normally does.

Picking up my arm, I ran my hand through his hair, gently shaking his head. Listening as he mewled like a kitten being disturbed.

" Seb, time to get up." I whispered as he snuggled farther into my shoulder, refusing to get up. Huffing , I used my strength to punch him in the arm, not as hard as I wished. To my frustration, he brushed it off like it was a little poke. Angrily, I mustered up the man power and shoved him off the bed, watching him land with a harsh thud. Let's just say he woke cursing up and down. His head popped up, glaring at me from the floor.

" What was that for?!" Victoriously, I smirked, happy I got  him up all by myself.

" Well good morning, Goldy Locks! How nice of you to join the world of the living." The nurse cleared her throat, looking amused by the situation.  Sebastian was struck will the situation, and a light blush dusted his cheeks as he knew he put on quite the show for the nurse. Patting off the imaginary dust, he went over to his seat and glared at me.

" We would like to put you through another X-ray to see if the radiation is having any affect or not." My throat closed and I felt my stomach churn in concern. There is a high possibility for them to see it spread to other places if the radiation doesn't stop it. Dare I say, I even felt tears prickle at my eyes, warning me that I was nearly at a breaking point.

" O-Okay."

" They'll be coming in about half an hour to come and get you. Till then, you may order lunch if you want." And with that, the nurse left with me in a cloud of depression. What's going to happen to me if they find more? Will I even be able to take another cancer on top of these two? What if, what if, what if? I could just feel my heart sink. A warm hand slipped into mine, bright blue eyes meeting my dark ones.

" Hey, I'm here for you. Try not looking so down, you're even starting to bum me out! And why don't you order lunch for Pete's sake! Maybe you'd get back more of your color!" Sebastian tried cheering me up, causing a smile to work its way on my face without another thought.

" Thanks Sebby." He smiled his normal bright smile at me.

Sebastian forced me to eat, despite my insisting that I wasn't hungry. He told me ' Fine! I'll order something, and you'll eat it with me! Whether you want to or not! You are going to eat Luka Ray Johnson!' and I couldn't really do anything but pout and whine.

He was currently feeding me, and I wished I could choke him right then. I may have cancer, but that doesn't mean I'm incapable of feeding myself!

" Sebastian, you shove that fork in my mouth one. More. Time, and I'll take this tray and knock you into next week with it. Then you'll be my room mate in here." Venom seeped out of my words as I hissed at him in pure rage. I loth being belittled. Sebastian had another fork full ready, but ate it himself at my threat.

" No need to be all upset about it. I'm just trying to help you after all." He pouted in his chair, not meeting my eyes any more. I swear he acts like the biggest child I know.

" While you were gone, did you like switch minds with a five year old of something? Because you sure are acting like one." Sebastian glared at the wall, looking like he may just burn a hole through it.

" Well I'm sorry that I'm worried for my best friend! Is that such a weird thing?! Because, since I've been here today, you've been acting like you shouldn't have my sympathy! And that makes me pissed Luka! And you sure as hell know it!" Icy blue eyes bored a hole in my being and I slunk down in my bed, fearing my tyrant of a friend.

" Seb-"

" No! I don't wanna hear it! I'm going to pity you, and that's only because I feel awful that you have to go through this piece of hell. I don't pity you because I think I'm better than you. And you need to get that through your head.  Just, please, stop pushing me away with insults." Sebastian reached out, pulling my sheet away from my mouth and face, leaning down so his forehead was touching mine. " I love you Luka, and I'd love to be there for you." A smile slipped on my face as I quickly pecked his lips, watching as he recoiled in an embarrassed shock, a pink tinge to his cheeks.

" I didn't think I was pushing you away, so I'm sorry that you felt like I was. I guess I'm just a little sore that I had no one to talk to before you came. Because I love you too sebby-chan~!" More shock twisted on his features as he gaped at me.

" C-ch-chan?!  Since when have I been 'Sebby-chan'?! That's a little demeaning, don't you think?" His back hit his chair as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, once again pouting very cutely.

" Since I said so. And I think it's a cute name!" He turned up his nose at the word 'cute'.

" Cute?! I'm not 'cute', I'm hansom! 'Cute' is for girls! Not a seventeen year old  guy going on eighteen!" I raised my eye brow at his insistence of his 'un-cuteness'.

" Oh~! I see, you feel I took aim at you 'masculinity' huh? Well sorry mister manly. I didn't find anything wrong with calling you cute. Since you are cute. And the fact that you blush at simple things proves your cuteness in my book. And I will continue to call you cute until you stop being cute. Mister man!" His fists were balled up at his sides again and his face was red, but not with blush.

" Luka..."

" Yes~?" I purred acting very smug with it all. It is very fun to attempt to irk Sebastian, because he has the most over-dramatic reactions to things. His blue eyes remained icy as he tried getting his point across. He put on a forced smile to mimic me.

" Say that one more time and you'll have more than cancer to worry about." I faked hurt, sticking out my lip and pouting.

" That's not nice at all Seb! I'm hurt that you'd say that to my face."Sebastian had no emotion on his face, instead stared at me in a no nonsense kind of way. With out warning a smirk slid on his face, as said face became dangerously close to mine. His hot breath ghosted  over my parted lips.

" Keep those lips of yours out like that, and I can promise you they will be sucked on by me." That purr in his voice was something I've never heard from my friend before, so I couldn't help but shiver and stared into his glee filled eyes.

" That's naughty of you Sebastian..." I didn't have much of a teasing tone in my voice, so it came out more like a moan of a statement. Said blond haired guy licked my lips, smirking all the while.

" But yet you still enjoy it. If anyone here is naughty, it's you Luka." He finally captured my lips for a quick, lustful kiss that sent me to cloud nine.

We sat around, not really talking about anything for about the twenty minutes that it took for them to finally show up. My stomach was once again in knots. Twisting and turning in an unpleasant manner. I could have vomited at that moment they took out my IVs and readied my hospital bed to roll down to X-rays. I was forced to take my cancer cap off, revealing my lack of hair.

My hands lay folded in my lap, shaking violently with the jittery feeling that always happens to me when ever they want to take me somewhere. Because I never know when they'll find something, or even what will happen to me once I get there. A sudden hand was wrapped around my shaking one, squeezing tightly, ridding me of my over-whelming fears. I meet blue eyes that were filled with reassurance.

" Remember, I'm right here for you Luka." Sebastian gave me one of his signature smiles that always made me smile back. Which I did, even with my whole body shaking in worry.

" Thanks."

He held my hand as I was rolled down the hall, past the troubled looking cancer patients, past the cafe, and through another door. The only time he let go was when a doctor pushed him back and told him this was as far as he could venture. I think I may have heard him cuss at the doctor, but I couldn't be sure with my buzzing mind. The sinking feeling hit me ten times harder.

One of the doctor's practically shoved me back as we reached a double door with the words X-RAY, written above it in bold black letters. The doctor had glasses on and appeared to have white or gray hair.

" I'm sorry sir, but you can't come with us anymore." I watched as Luka became farther and farther from me. Stupid doctor is taking my Luka away from me?! I don't think so!

" Listen Doc, I need to be with him! Didn't you see how scared he was? What if it was you with cancer and they could find something else that could mean your untimely death?! He's only eighteen! So let me through four-eyes, before I punch you in your fucking, uncaring face!" He didn't flinch. I'm guessing I'm not the first hot-headed visitor he's had to deal with before.

" Please try to understand sir, we're trying to help him and we need only experienced staff in there. You can sit just right over there and you'll be able to see the door." The white haired doctor went into the doors as I walked away.

I felt like punching someone, hell, I'd even punch the wall! I needed to get out this anger. I let my head thump against the white wall, my eyes stinging with tears that wanted desperately to flow from  me. My world was becoming unraveled. I My mind flooded with all the bad things they could find growing and multiplying inside the man I love. It scared me more than I wanted to admit. Turning around, I slid to the ground, my head tilted back and tears freely plummeting to the ground like they wanted to.

I buried my face in my hands as I wept, trying to compose myself around all these strangers. My head snapped up to a hand lightly laying on my shoulder. I was met with a, slightly older but still nice looking, guy's face. He smiled down at me, his smile radiating warmth.

" You okay? Was that your boyfriend going in there?" I nodded my head, staring at the floor, unsure of what to stay to this guy. " Hey, I know how you feel. My boyfriend's in a coma and they won't let me see him yet because he's not ready to see anyone yet. I know I'd lose it if I had to react like you did every time they told me that. So try to calm down a bit. They'll let you see him eventually." My eyes were huge. This poor guy! If I couldn't see Luka, I'd probably go jump off a bridge. Or knock some heads together till they let me go see him.

" Wow. I'm sorry for you. I don't know what I'd do if they didn't let me go see Luka." He laughed at me, amused by my pity for him.

" It's not a big deal. It just means I'll be even more excited to see him when I get to. So, what's Luka here for?" The conversation was helping a lot.

" Cancer. Lung cancer that went down to his pancreas. Right now they're seeing if the radiation is helping at all, or if the cancer is still spreading. And if it has, they're not sure if he could still fight it off." It was the guy's turn to stare in shock. He looked like he was ready to cry.

" I'm so sorry! That must be really rough. At least I know that Noah is going to wake up, but poor Luka's a shot in the dark. I wish him well." I stared at the floor, examining the white and blue tiled floor, holding back tears.

" Yeah, thanks. I hope Noah's okay too." He nodded also looking at the floor with me.

" I'm Damien, by the way!" He held out his hand to me, smiling brightly once again. Smirking, I shook his hand.

" Sebastian. Nice to meet you."

We sat there as I waited, what felt like forever, for Luka to come back out. My head was throbbing and my gut churned. This time no amount of conversation would calm my nerves I wish they'd just bring him out already! My head's gonna explode if they don't!

Putting my head in my hands again, I inhaled my sweaty palm's scent, lovely. Please...please, God, let Luka be okay. Don't make him suffer anymore. It hurts me to see him like this and know that I can't do crap about it! Why couldn't it have been me? I'll have two cancers growing inside of me if it meant Luka was okay. This day has been the best of my whole life, so please let him be okay!

My head snapped up at the doors opening, and a familiar face come rolling into view. I felt tears claw at my eyes as I rushed to his side, grasping his hand tightly. My eyes widened at the lack of reaction. I looked down to see his face extremely pale and his eyes closed. Panic flowed through my veins like flood gates had been opened.

" Don't worry, he's just under sedation for anxiety. He'll come to in a couple of hours." The words comforted me a little as we reached his room. It was like I had dissolved into the wall behind me as they hooked Luka back up to those damned machines. Luka looking like he does now scares me by how much he looks like he's dead.

I remained where I was as they exited the room, it becoming eerily still and calm in here. Finally, I mustered up some courage and slowly strode to Luka's side, my eyes blurring with tears that seemed dead-set on pouring from me the whole time I've been here.

" Hey Luka. How are you?" Silence ensued as expected of a one-sided talk to a sleeping man. " You scared me so much when I saw them bring you out and you looked like death. Your skin was so pale that I wasn't sure wh-what they had done to you." My voice crackled with the onslaught of salty tears. I managed to bottle them up. " I wish it was me. You can't even imagine how much it hurts to see you like this. Every time I find me cursing myself that I can't do anything to help your health, that I can't take this burden for you. You probably go through hell with this stupid disease, and all I can do is sit on my ass and pray to God that you get better. It fucking hurts!" I screamed at the bed, my heart twisting and turning, feeling like it was about to be put through the grinder.

I brushed some of his thinning hair behind his ear, feeling his cold, smooth skin.

" Just know, whether or not you're awake, I'm always going to be here for you. Thick and thin, forever more. And, I'd take all your pain in a moments notice if I could. Please don't ever loose faith Luka. Hang in there." I placed a kiss on his pale lips, tears finally brimming and falling down on his face, running down his own cheeks, as if he was the one crying.

Please hang in there Luka...

A/N Thanks for reading~!! Please review for me~! :3
:iconsickplz: So I'm not really feeling too hot right now, so it may take me a little longer to get something else out, but I got this out so I'm happy. Hope it's okay~!

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Black-Caspian Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This chapter made me laugh and almost made me cry... If my closest friend had cancer... I'd cry every day
DarkRikuLover12 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aw~! I'm sorry about the crying! This is my downer story I guess! ^^ If my closest friend had cancer, I'd probably go insane. XD But I'm with you on that one!! Thanks again for commenting! It makes this hopeless author that is me happy~!!
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Oh, you're no hopeless author... Your work is amazing! I love it!!
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More...? PLEASE LIVE, LUKA! <3 your writing is amazing
DarkRikuLover12 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Aw~!! I didn't mean to make your emotions bleed!! XD :iconloveloveplz: Yes, there will hopefully be quite a few more chaps of this~. YES PLEASE LIVE!! Thanks for reviewing!!
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:iconsqueeeeplz: so. cute >3< ........... despite the whole dieing part... .3.

get better luka! 0Co gahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
DarkRikuLover12 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:iconifaintplz: They give off their own cuteness without me even trying~!! Yeah, the whole dying part kinda disturbed myself as I was writing this :iconsheepishplz: But I'm glad you liked it~!! Thanks for reviewing!!!
Mortema Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
The second chapter is amazing. ^u^ I cant wait for the 3rd one!~ I was so surprised this chapter came as quickly as it did,,, I was so happy.
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:iconspazattackplz: Thank you so much~!! :iconhappytearsplz: I'm surprised as much as you are! XD I didn't expect me to get this out this fast, but being sick at home has it's advantages~! :iconsickplz: Thanks again for your lovely comment~!
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